What is a Demi?

It is a color service that isn’t permanent but last longer than a semipermanent color

Why aren't some services bookable?

Some services require consultation and/or deposit.

Why doesn't anyone answer the phone?

Due to high volume, I am usually with a client. As a result, the best way to reach me is via email, which I check frequently and can get back with you in a more timely fashion. I have also left a detailed voice mail recording which answers frequently asked questions. 

Why do appointments have to be booked online?

To alleviate the stresses of phone tag and time constraints, online booking is more feasible and it allows 24 hour booking to be available.

Why can't you text?

It is best to communicate via email to keep all messages in one spot so that no message is overlooked. I don’t see the sms messages when they are sent.

Why is an address not listed?

I work in a multi-use facility and for the privacy of myself and clients, work by appointment only. Not having the address publicly displayed reduces attempted walk-ins and other interruptions. This allows me to tend to my clients uninterrupted.